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  • Common Car Accident Injuries

    Posted By The Law Office of Daniel D. Horowitz, III PC || 27-Nov-2018

    Picture of a woman seeking medical treatment after a car accident

    Car accident injuries vary depending on the circumstances. However, there are a few common injuries that could affect you: Whiplash. Whiplash is another term for a neck strain, or damage to the neck’s soft tissue. In a car accident, whiplash can occur when your head and neck jerk suddenly due to force from a collision. […]

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  • Drunk Driving Fatalities Increase on Days Surrounding Thanksgiving

    Posted By The Law Office of Daniel D. Horowitz, III PC || 20-Nov-2018

    Picture of man drinking and driving

    The days surrounding Thanksgiving are some of the most dangerous days to be on the road. In part, this is because of increased road traffic. Last year, the American Automobile Association (AAA) estimated that nearly 45.5 million people traveled by car to celebrate Thanksgiving across the United States. However, the night before Thanksgiving has become […]

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  • How Can Businesses Be Held Liable for Thanksgiving Drunk Driving Accidents?

    Posted By The Law Office of Daniel D. Horowitz, III PC || 16-Nov-2018

    Picture of alcohol with keys

    Thanksgiving Eve, or the night before Thanksgiving, has a reputation for being one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. It has been coined many names, including Drunksgiving. In turn, bars are busier than usual. Unfortunately, that also means a greater likelihood for drunk drivers, because more people are not planning ahead about how […]

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  • Were the Recent School Bus Accidents Caused by Illegal Passing?

    Posted By The Law Office of Daniel D. Horowitz, III PC || 06-Nov-2018

    Picture of front of a school bus

    Over the last week, school bus accidents have occurred in several states, hospitalizing and fatally injuring some children and their parents. These accidents have a common factor: students were outside of the bus when the accidents occurred. Students were either crossing the street to board a bus or waiting at a bus stop. Even though […]

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