About The Law Office of Daniel D. Horowitz, III PC

Leadership Positions Held by Attorney Daniel D. Horowitz Video transcript: Currently, in 2018, I am the president of the Houston Trial Lawyers Association. I’ve served on the State Bar Board of Directors. I’ve been on the Board of Directors for the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, the Board of Directors for the Texas Trial and Appellate […]

What Makes Our Personal Injury Law Firm Different From Others? Video transcript: I think the first thing that sets us apart is the level of personal customer service you get. When you hire my firm, you’re actually hiring me. You’re not going to be shipped off to a first-level associate. I’m actually going to handle […]

Attorney Daniel Horowitz Explains His Background Video transcript: I grew up in a small town just south of Houston called Bay City. I grew up around a bunch of lawyers. My dad was a second career lawyer after being in the trucking business for a long time. I think one of the things that sets […]

Attorney Daniel Horowitz Introduces Himself Video transcript: Basically, from the age of 16 on, I lived by myself. I had my own place, had to work to help pay my bills. I worked a wide variety of different jobs, including trucking, welding, worked on a grass farm, worked in a funeral home, worked in restaurants, […]

As a Personal Injury Lawyer, What Advice Do You Give to Clients? Video transcript: I think the biggest piece of advice over and over again is the insurance companies are not on your side. Do not trust them. When they first contact you, they’re very pleasant, very polite, they act like they want to try […]

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