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Personal Injury Damages

car accident scene with police, driver needs to call their Houston car accident attorney

Danger of Accepting Cash at the Accident Scene

Posted By phoebeej || 24-Jun-2022

After an accident, what do you do if the other driver offers you cash? Should you take it, or hire a Houston car accident attorney and go through the insurance claim process? This is a common situation car accident victims may find themselves in. We’ll discuss some of the potential dangers of taking cash at […]

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person counting coins to show how a personal injury calculates damages like lost wages for a claim

How Your Personal Injury Lawyer Calculates Lost Wages

Posted By phoebeej || 10-Jun-2022

After an accident, your injuries can cause many problems in your life. One common issue that many people face is taking time off of work for things like getting treatment or to heal after an accident. This often means you earn less than you would have without the accident. In these cases, your personal injury […]

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