Leadership Positions Held by Attorney Daniel D. Horowitz Video transcript: Currently, in 2018, I am the president of the Houston Trial Lawyers Association. I’ve served on the State Bar Board of Directors. I’ve been on the Board of Directors for the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, the Board of Directors for the Texas Trial and Appellate […]

What is our law firm’s experience in handling pipeline explosions? Video transcript: I’ve handled pipeline explosion cases. One case we handled, this pipeline actually started here in Houston and ran all the way to North Carolina. The explosion took place in Mississippi, because the pipe was over pressurized, it was outdated, wasn’t in very good […]

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Experience with Hit and Run Drivers Video transcript: One of my most recent and more memorable cases that I’ve handled was…we actually just got it resolved about a month ago for $1.3 million dollars. It was a situation where the lady first called, she told me was hit and run, she wasn’t sure who had […]

What is Our Experience with Crane Operating Accidents? Video transcript: I’ve had a couple of crane accidents that really stand out. I’ve handled multiple, but there were two in particular that stand out. One happened over in Beaumont where a young man got his hand crushed and lost the use of his hand and another […]

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As a Personal Injury Attorney, What Experience Do You Have with Catastrophic Injuries? Video transcript: Unfortunately, I’ve got quite a bit of experience in them. Catastrophic injury cases, obviously, are the most serious situations. Whether someone’s been paralyzed, whether someone’s been brain injured, whether a loved one has been burned. I’ve handled explosion cases where […]

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