Motor Vehicle Accidents

Experience with Hit and Run Drivers Video transcript: One of my most recent and more memorable cases that I’ve handled was…we actually just got it resolved about a month ago for $1.3 million dollars. It was a situation where the lady first called, she told me was hit and run, she wasn’t sure who had […]

What is your recent experience with truck accidents in Texas? Video transcript: We’ve had a couple recently. Still working on several as well, but one stands out. It was a young man. His family was moving from New York down to Houston. He was riding. It was about 6:00 in the morning. He was asleep […]

How do Bus Accidents Differ from Car Accidents? Video transcript: We’ve handled bus accident cases. Usually you see the large kind of charter buses. They are either school children going on some sort of field trip or you have you know school bands. And a lot of times, you end up with groups of elderly […]

Describe a Boating Accident Case. Video transcript: One the saddest cases I’ve ever worked on in my life actually was a boat accident. It was a young boy. He was 11-years-old and was out on the river with a couple of friends. One of his friend’s dad owned a ski boat. He was behind the […]

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