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Workplace Injuries

person getting treated for broken leg after a job site accident

Disputes After a Job Site Accident

Posted By phoebeej || 11-May-2022

After a job site accident, you might face serious injuries. You could have medical expenses, lost wages from missed work, and many other types of damages. After a workplace injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Let’s talk about disputes after an accident at work, including when to file a workers’ compensation claim and when […]

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Picture of oil field REMOVE

Don’t Die at Work

Posted By The Law Office of Daniel D. Horowitz, III PC || 18-Aug-2017

Texas Ranks in Top 5 Deadliest States to Work Maybe you know someone who is looking to move to Texas this summer, whether they’ve just graduated or are changing careers. Encourage them to look into the workplace safety initiatives at any company they’re interviewing with. A new report released by Zippia ranks Texas in the […]

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Picture of chemical plant worker

Pasadena Chemical Plant Explosion is Latest in String of Houston Accidents

Posted By The Law Office of Daniel D. Horowitz, III PC || 21-Jan-2016

A deadly explosion at a Pasadena chemical plant last week is just one of at least ten other tragedies that have occurred since the DuPont chemical explosion 14 months ago in La Porte. The explosion occurred early in the afternoon at the PeroxyChem plant, and is believed to have been caused by an over-pressurized tank […]

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Picture of an oil rig truck

How Oilfield Truck Accidents Are a Bigger Problem Than You Think

Posted By The Law Office of Daniel D. Horowitz, III PC || 02-Dec-2015

Automobile accidents are a leading cause of injury and death in the United States. Additionally, auto accidents are one of the top causes of oilfield fatalities, research shows. While a small percentage of traffic collisions are the result of unforeseen or unavoidable situations, most are caused by one overarching problem: human error. Workplace safety – […]

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Picture of construction workers on scaffolding

The Rise of Workplace Fatalities in Texas

Posted By The Law Office of Daniel D. Horowitz, III PC || 23-Sep-2015

For roughly 11 years, Texas has led the nation in total workplace deaths. In 2014, the number of people killed on the job significantly increased. According to preliminary federal data that was released on September 17, a total of 524 employees died in the workplace during that year. The year before, the United States Bureau […]

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