Liability If Your Car’s Self-Driving/ADAS Causes an Accident

When you purchased your car in Houston, you made the decision to invest in advanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) or self-driving features. You hoped that these cutting-edge technologies would give you peace of mind while on the road.

While these systems have the potential to significantly reduce accidents caused by human error, research has shown that they can still be prone to certain types of collisions. According to recent studies, rear-end collisions and sideswipe incidents are the most common type of accidents that occur when using self-driving or ADAS systems. If your system fails or has an error that causes a car accident while you are driving, a Houston car accident lawyer can take on your case so that the car manufacturer or software designer accepts their share of accountability.

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What Does the Law Say About Self-Driving/ADAS Features and Liability?

As self-driving and ADAS features become increasingly common in today’s cars, there is growing concern about who is liable in the event of an accident.

The laws surrounding these features are still evolving. Currently, there is no established legal framework for accountability when it comes to autonomous vehicles. Thus, if an accident occurs involving a vehicle equipped with these technologies, determining liability can be complicated.

As the use of these features becomes more widespread, our team of Houston car accident lawyers works diligently to stay up to date on how liability is assigned in similar legal cases.

checking car sensor after car accident needing Houston lawyer
A Houston car accident lawyer can help ensure that manufacturers are held liable if a malfunctioning ADAS system caused an accident.

Automakers are Liable for System Failures or Errors

While automakers and software designers have their own obligations to meet safety standards and regulations, they may also be held liable if their ADAS or self-driving system fails and causes an accident. Typically, their first response to your Houston car accident lawyer will be to counter that you as the driver caused the accident.

With the assistance of the vehicle’s electronic control module, commonly known as the black box, it is possible to identify system errors and prove that the driver was not at fault. This technology can help ensure accountability for the responsible companies involved.

These Systems are Designed to be Collaborative, So Responsibility Should Be Shared

With the advancements in technology, the role of a driver has undergone a transformative shift. Semi-autonomous systems are becoming more and more prevalent, yet manufacturers continue to claim that drivers are fully responsible for any accidents that occur while using these systems.

However, this seems counterintuitive since a semi-autonomous system is designed to work in collaboration with the driver. Instead of placing all responsibility on the human operator, automakers need to acknowledge the role that these systems play in preventing accidents. Your Houston car accident lawyer will fight for you on this basis.

A Houston Car Accident Lawyer Can Take on the Automaker

Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience that leaves you feeling helpless and overwhelmed. But when the accident is caused by a self-driving/ADAS system failure that the manufacturer turns back on you, it can be even harder to navigate. That’s why having a Houston car accident lawyer who knows how to take on the big automakers can be invaluable. At our law firm, we’re committed to fighting for you and securing the compensation you need to recover. We understand the tactics these companies use to try and avoid liability, and we won’t back down until justice is served. Trust us to be your dedicated advocates—contact our team for a free case evaluation.