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Eagle Ford Shale Truck Accident Lawyer

The Eagle Ford Shale is a sedimentary rock formation in South Texas with
large amounts oil and natural gas deposits. As a major contributor to
the Texas oil industry, the Eagle Ford Shale is responsible for increasing
revenue and jobs throughout the region. Unfortunately, increased oil production
also means additional traffic on South Texas highways and roads, which
has led to an uptick in serious and fatal
trucking accidents.

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Understanding the Truck Accident Problem

As oil companies demand more shipping and transportation, truck drivers
are forced to work longer hours and meet stringent deadlines. Further,
the added number of vehicles on the road contributes to the increased
likelihood of a serious accident. As drivers strive to meet deadlines,
speeding, reckless driving, and tire driving become a greater threat to
other motorists on the road.

Eagle Ford Shale Truck Accident Statistics

  • In a period of six months, Karnes County experienced 12 times the normal
    amount of traffic fatalities when Eagle Ford Shale truck drivers took
    over local roads.
  • More than one dozen South Texas counties have experienced a serious increase
    in traffic since the Eagle Ford Shale oil industry boomed.
  • Since 2008, LaSalle County has seen a 418% increases in accidents with
    large vehicles.
  • Experts expect the uptick in commercial traffic to last another 25 to 30 years.

How Oil Companies Sacrifice Your Safety for Money

According to experts, population increases aren’t the only reason
for the traffic accidents. Officials say many of the highways used to
transport oil and gas from the Eagle Ford Shale are not designed for big
trucks and commercial vehicles, which can damage roads. As truck drivers
navigate unfamiliar roadways with little sleep, the likelihood of as serious
accident increases.

If you sustained an injury or lost a loved one in a truck accident in South
Texas, contact a Houston Eagle Ford Shale truck accident attorney from
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