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Houston Strict Liability Claim Lawyer

Houston Product Liability Lawyer

If you suffered an injury from a defective product, you can make a strict liability claim against the manufacturer. This means you can seek compensation for your damages simply by showing the product was unreasonably dangerous, instead of demonstrating the manufacturer was careless.

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Any number of factors can deter a strict liability claim. If, for example,
you purchased the product at a garage sale, strict liability may not apply
to your case. Strict liability law will more likely apply to your case
if you bought the defective product from the manufacturer or retailer.

Strict liability doesn’t apply to every case, but it might apply to yours:

  • The product was “unreasonably dangerous.” This means it was
    defective to the point of injuring you, the consumer or user.
  • The defective occurred when the product was designed, manufactured, shipped,
    handled, or used for its intended purpose.
  • The product was not substantially changed since purchase. A “substantial”
    change affects the way it functions or performs.

Challenging the Manufacturer’s Defense

Certain factors can nullify strict liability. One of the most common defenses
against strict liability claims is
awareness of the defect. If a consumer discovers a problem with the product but continues to use
it, he / she may not be able to seek compensation for any ensuing injuries.
In most cases, the manufacturer’s insurance provider will examine
the product to determine how it was used, whether or not the buyer was
aware of the defect, and if the product underwent any change since purchase.

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