Texas Big-Rig Change Proposals

Truck accidents have become one of the most dangerous types of accidents on roads everywhere, especially in large states like Texas. In fact, in 2013, 493 truck accidents occurred in Texas. Studies indicate that this is more than 12 percent of the 3,906 truck accident fatalities that occurred nationwide in the same year. With the largest amount of highway miles in the nation and many international ports of entry, it is no surprise that Texas accounts for more truck accidents than any other state.

Recently, there has been a large debate regarding trucking laws and whether or not trucking companies should be allowed to increase the size and weight of trucks throughout Texas. Of course, this can become an extremely detrimental situation for the state, as there is an increased likelihood that more accidents will occur as a result.

Below is a set of proposals that are to be decided upon in the near future.


  • Current federal weight limit: 80,000 pounds
    • Seek to increase federal weight limit to 91,000 pounds
  • Current length: Big rigs are permitted to pull two 28-foot trailers
    • Seek to increase this to two 33-foot trailers
  • Current age limit: 21 years of age
    • Seek to decrease the legal age limit to 18 years old

The Argument in Favor for the Changes

Truckers argue that, if they were allowed to carry larger and heavier loads, there would be fewer trucks on the roads at all times. Some believe that this will result in fewer accidents. Additionally, the American Trucking Association, FedEx, UPS, and other shipping companies suggest that the increased size of trucks will be more environmentally friendly and will save fuel emissions. Others argue that the 18 percent increase in capacity will allow for trucks to haul more materials without increasing the number of trucks on the road.

The Arguments Against the Changes

Many Texans fear that this change will make highways a more hazardous place to drive than they already are. The longtime chief of police in Rockport states that more harm and chaos will be caused due to these changes. He argues that impatient drivers will attempt to get around these big rig trucks without accounting for the extra length, which could result in more people getting hurt while driving near these large vehicles.

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