The Rise of Workplace Fatalities in Texas

For roughly 11 years, Texas has led the nation in total workplace deaths. In 2014, the number of people killed on the job significantly increased. According to preliminary federal data that was released on September 17, a total of 524 employees died in the workplace during that year. The year before, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that there were 508 fatal workplace injuries. Research shows that the state of Texas, alone, suffered a three percent increase in workplace fatalities, while the nation’s workplace fatalities only increased by 2 percent.

Why Is the Number of Workplace Fatalities Increasing?

Sources state that two main factors have contributed to the rise of workplace fatalities in the state of Texas:

1. The Texas Economy is Thriving

Unlike other states, Texas’ economy continues to flourish. This means that a majority of Texans have been able to keep their jobs. If persons were previously unemployed, they have been able to find jobs due to the booming economy. However, this means that there is a large amount of jobs that have opened up in dangerous industries such as trucking, oil and gas production, and construction.

2. Texas is Not Enforcing the Proper Safety Precautions

Evidence shows that Texas has practiced lax safety efforts in particular industries, specifically the construction industry. In fact, the head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration states that many workers have not received adequate protection. Additionally, Texas is the only state that does not require employees to have workers’ compensation insurance. Instead, many companies provide private insurance options. Unfortunately, over 500,000 workers are not covered by any insurance.

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