KIA Recalls About 377,000 Vehicles Due to Mechanical Errors that Have Injured 3 People

Recently, Kia recalled over 377,000 of their Sorento SUV models because the vehicles’ transmissions can be shifted out of the “park” setting and into “drive” or “reverse” when a driver’s foot is not on the brake pedal.

The recall effects any Sorento models from 2011 to 2013. Sources claim that Kia filed legal documents with United States safety regulators, stating these vehicles have the ability to roll away unpredictably. This malfunction occurs when the shift lever is forcefully moved, causing a part in the shifter to break.

As of now, this error has caused three injuries. Kia was notified of the first injury in August when a lawyer contacted the company, stating that a child moved the Sorento shifter out of park, causing the SUV to roll away and cause harm.

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