Pasadena Chemical Plant Explosion is Latest in String of Houston Accidents

A deadly explosion at a Pasadena chemical plant last week is just one of at least ten other tragedies that have occurred since the DuPont chemical explosion 14 months ago in La Porte.

The explosion occurred early in the afternoon at the PeroxyChem plant, and is believed to have been caused by an over-pressurized tank containing an oil-based cleaning solution. A contractor was killed at the scene, and three other workers were rushed to area hospitals to treat toxic chemical exposure and a broken arm.

According to the company’s spokesperson, the workers had been performing a routine function when the contractor’s equipment exploded.

PeroxyChem’s main product is hydrogen peroxide, which in low concentrations is a safe and common household item. However, in high concentrations, the chemical is highly toxic, causing serious burns and having the potential to explode when heated.

The company was last inspected by the EPA in 2014 and was found to be in compliance with the Clean Air Act. While they did have some “recordable incidents” in 2014, including a control room fire that thankfully did not result in any injuries, PeroxyChem has had a strong emphasis on safety in the past.

The accident at PeroxyChem was at least the tenth such incident in the greater Houston area in just over a year and is currently under investigation.

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