New Federal Safety Rules Could Mean Less Road Time for Truckers

In spite of FMCSA regulations, many truck drivers resort to deceptive tactics in order to clock hours of illegal overtime or hide violations of rules means to reduce their risk of getting into an accident. Because most drivers log their hours on paper, it is not difficult to conceal extra time on the road by writing in different numbers, nor is it difficult to shorten mandatory rest periods to get a delivery to its destination faster.

“When a truck isn’t moving, a driver isn’t making money,” says truck driver Tredell Dixon. “I see truck drivers just go, go, go.”

This is a pervasive problem in an industry that pays drivers by the mile, and the cost is the safety of the public. Now, a federal mandate is making it more difficult for truck drivers to cheat regulations by requiring the installation of digital logging devices on trucks. These devices will provide real-time data on drivers, where as in the past, paper logbooks have made it difficult for law enforcement to monitor hours of service regulations. In accordance with a new rule passed by the FMCSA last year, most long-haul drivers will be required to begin using Electronic Logging Device (ELD) technology by the end of 2017.

The mandate is expected to reduce fatigue-related collisions by holding employers and their drivers accountable for time spent behind the wheel. The switch to digital logbooks is expected to prevent approximately 1,850 preventable truck accidents and 26 deaths annually.

Read more online via San Antonio Express-News.

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