Boat Accident Experience

Describe a Boating Accident Case.

Video transcript: One the saddest cases I’ve ever worked on in my life actually was a boat accident. It was a young boy. He was 11-years-old and was out on the river with a couple of friends. One of his friend’s dad owned a ski boat. He was behind the boat about to wakeboard and unfortunately another boater or wakeboarder came by at a high-rate of speed and lost control and ended up you know basically running over this young boy’s head. He was life flighted and ultimately died from the injuries.

One of the problems we see in a lot of boating accidents is alcohol. And in addition to the person who calls the harm usually being intoxicated, you’d be surprised how many people don’t carry insurance on their boats. And if they, don’t carry enough insurance. Because bad things happen when boats are involved. They’re difficult cases but they’re usually such tragic situations that you really need a lawyer to help kind of walk you through and wade through some of the legal issues that are involved.