Oil Field and Pipeline Accident Experience

What Kinds of Pipeline Accidents Do You See?

Video transcript: Again, being in Texas, we are the largest oil and gas producing state in the country. You know we’ve got the Barnett Shale, the Eagle Ford Shale, so yes. We’ve got oil field accidents that involve being on the actual rig. We run into a lot of pipeline incidents where pipelines aren’t maintained and they rupture and they blow up. Obviously, you’ve got a lot of oil field vehicle issues. You know, you’ve got the oil field trucks on the roads. You got guys who have been driving for 18 or 24 hours and don’t really have the same regulations because they’re in the old field that you would have for like an interstate carrier. When things go wrong in the oil field, it’s usually catastrophic. It’s not “oh we made a little mistake”, but usually things catch fire, things blow up, things collapse and you end up with real significant injuries if not you know someone dying.