Pipeline Explosions Experience

What Is Our Law Firm’s Experience in Handling Pipeline Explosions?

Video transcript: I’ve handled pipeline explosion cases. One case we handled, this pipeline actually started here in Houston and ran all the way to North Carolina. The explosion took place in Mississippi, because the pipe was over pressurized, it was outdated, wasn’t in very good shape. Looked like somebody had dropped a nuclear bomb where it exploded. It ended up killing a grandmother and her granddaughter and then burning five other people significantly. That was probably one of the most horrific scenes I’ve ever seen, ever been to.

We also handle pipelines; a lot of people don’t realize the gas pipelines that go into everyone’s homes. CenterPoint down here, Atmos up in Dallas. There’s been a lot of talk lately about their gas system and a lot of the failures. They’re supposed to walk and monitor their lines on a regular basis. A lot of times it doesn’t happen, so you end up with leaks underground that can migrate through the soil and end up in your sewer pipes, end up in your walls, end up in your attic. When your air conditioner kicks on, there’s a spark that blows your house up. We handled a real tragic case against CenterPoint about three, four years ago where a mother got burned really bad and then her mother died from the fire. Again, pipeline explosions, there’s fire, there’s usually really bad consequences.