The Case of the Hit and Run Driver

Experience with Hit and Run Drivers

Video transcript: One of my most recent and more memorable cases that I’ve handled was…we actually just got it resolved about a month ago for $1.3 million dollars. It was a situation where the lady first called, she told me was hit and run, she wasn’t sure who had run into her and fled the scene, but she had this napkin. So, she came and I met with her and she brings this napkin and scribbled on it is a barely could read a license plate. And so, we were able to run that through some of our databases, track down the owner of the vehicle as well as the driver of the vehicle.

It turned out it was a pretty wealthy man here in town. He owns his own business, had been out drinking and then was on his way to visit one girlfriend, which his other girlfriend didn’t know he was going to visit that girlfriend. Fortunately, the guy who followed and got the license plate was a boy scout. He was a Scoutmaster and had been a Scoutmaster for over 20 years. He was on his way to his very last scout meeting when he saw this wreck and saw the guy flee the scene, he decided, as he described to me well that’s what we as Scouts do. But you know had he not gotten that guy’s license plate, my client likely would have never been able to go forward with a claim and probably would have been limited to $30,000 recovery. Fortunately for her, he helped her and we were able to work hard. Took about a year, but we were able to get her $1.3 million dollars.