What type of industrial accidents do you see in your practice?

As a personal injury lawyer, what types of industrial accidents do you see?

Video transcript: Living near one of the largest chemical facilities and one of the largest ports in the United States, there are chemical plants up and down the Gulf Coast, just 15 miles down the road. We see a lot of chemical exposure situations, we see a lot of explosion cases where there’s a system failure inside the plant. Just notably here, several years back, the BP Texas city refinery explosion that killed all of those men. It’s unfortunately far too common of an experience because of where we live. But, it’s something we have to deal with. They, again, are very complex cases. You’ve got a lot of very high-tech, complex processes that go on in those plants and usually it’s one company deciding to skirt a little bit on either overall safety or a lot of times you’ll see them just cut the budget on a lot of processes because they’re trying to push those plants and get as much production out of them at the lowest possible cost.