What types of products liability cases do you handle?

What types of products liability cases does your law firm handle?

Video transcript: We handle automobile products. We handle…actually, the fireworks are technically, usually a products liability. We handle tire de-tread cases, but mainly the products we see…actually I’ve got a couple of e-cig cases where you’ve got defective batteries that are blowing up and catching on fire. But most of the products liability cases we see are automotive. And most of the cases we look at we end up not taking because you’ve got to have somebody that’s either catastrophically injured or unfortunately passed away in order to be able to justify taking on one of the auto manufacturers. Because the experts and the expenses are so high that if an airbag doesn’t go off but all you did was you know hurt your back and go the chiropractor, you’re never going to be able to justify spending the amount of money it takes to prosecute that case.

These are cases that it’s so important to get with a lawyer early. Because without the product, there is no case. We see that a lot of times in vehicle cases. You know, the client, the family may wait 60 days. Well by then, the car has already been scrapped, salvaged, sold, crushed, whatever and we can’t win that case without that product. So, it’s very, very important to get with a lawyer early on when you think there’s something wrong with your product.