What to Do Immediately After a Boat Accident in Texas

We recently wrote a blog on common causes of boating accidents, including in Texas. More can be said about what you could do after a boating accident to mitigate the severity of injuries and to protect your ability to recover compensation. Remember, that it is very important to avoid making a mistake after any type of accident, especially a boating accident. Brain injuries and spinal cord injuries can occur after a boating accident. Both are injuries that can easily incur millions of dollars in health care costs over a lifetime.

  1. Call for help. Boating accidents may cause initial injuries that can turn worse without proper medical attention. In cases that involve oxygen deprivation, you have almost no time to prevent brain damage. Internal bleeding from a collision is also possible after a boating accident. Depending on where you are, you should contact the U.S. Coast Guard or local authorities.
  2. Obtain medical attention. Seek immediate medical attention if you are injured. Some injuries can take hours or days before symptoms develop. Concussions, musculoskeletal injuries and internal bleeding are all examples of delayed accident injuries. You should also seek medical attention because it establishes a record of your injuries. Medical records are useful for filing compensation claims.
  3. File an accident report. You must file a report for boating accidents with the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife, the Coast Guard or the local authorities. It is the operator’s responsibility to file an accident report. You should write down as many details as you can immediately following the accident, as these details could become useful when filing a claim for compensation.
  4. Obtain evidence. If you are able, then you should take photographs of the injury or property damage caused by the accident. You should also ask witnesses for their contact information. This evidence may become useful later when you file a claim for compensation.
  5. Seek out an attorney. One or more parties can be liable for your injuries or loss. As a result, you may be able to recover compensation if another operator’s negligence or reckless behavior led to your injuries or loss. If a manufacturing defect caused your accident, then you may have a claim against the manufacturer. However, you should understand that crucial evidence may quickly disappear. There is also a statute of limitations on filing a claim.

Injury Claims for Boating Accidents in Texas

The statute of limitations for filing a boat accident claim in Texas is generally two years. If the accident happens further out in the Gulf, these rules may change. This is one of many reasons why you should contact an attorney shortly after your accident.

Boating accident injuries may involve extensive medical care, home modifications and other medical expenses. Depending on the type of injury and the person’s age, a boating injury can easily exceed $1 million in medical costs in a lifetime. For instance, a quadriplegic with a spinal cord injury would require around-the-clock care to maintain a decent standard of living.

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