Daniel D. Horowitz Speaks With The Byrd Chronicles

Recently, Houston personal injury lawyer, Daniel D. Horowitz, sat down with Jason M. Byrd for a podcast, The Byrd Chronicles – “Where Law Meets Life.” This podcast dives into specific areas of the law, how it applies to everyday situations and life in general.

The title of Daniel’s podcast episode is “Practicing Law: Leveling The Playing Field with Daniel Horowitz.” In this episode, Daniel talks about his journey from being a law clerk to becoming a Houston personal injury lawyer and the trials and rewards of representing Texans who have been injured in accidents.

In addition, Daniel discusses a few good tips and pointers to anyone who has found themselves in an accident, including what you should really know when talking to insurance companies and how to pick an attorney to represent you

Where to Find the Podcast

You can find Daniel’s episode on The Byrd Chronicles website. You can also find the episode on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and other podcast outlets.

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