Chilling Car Accident Statistics

Car Accident StatisticsCar accidents are a serious issue, with our roads here in Texas being some of the most dangerous in the country. Car accidents can cause serious injuries, claim the lives of loved ones, and cost a significant amount of money in things like medical bills, lost wages, vehicle damages, and emotional damages.

Here are some Texas car accident statistics that may turn your blood cold:

  • In 2021, Texas auto accidents claimed the lives of 4,489 people and cost over $51 billion in economic losses.
  • Fatal crashes increased by 15.22% in 2021 compared to 2020.
  • There were 0 deathless days on Texas roadways in 2021.
  • Distracted driving killed 433 people in Texas in 2021. Drunk driving killed 1,077 people.
  • Harris county had the most fatal crashes in Texas in 2021, claiming the lives of 577 people.
  • Sixteen people in Harris county lost their lives  in 2021 due to crashes caused by distracted driving.
  • An estimated 19,448 people experienced serious, incapacitating injuries from car crashes in Texas in 2021.
  • A total of 239,539 people were injured in some form due to car crashes in Texas in 2021. One person was injured every two minutes and 12 seconds.
  • An estimated 29,230 people were injured in car accidents in Harris county alone in 2021.

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