Public Wants Answers After Information Surfaces About Pipeline Explosions Across Texas

Texas houses the nation’s largest pipeline infrastructure with approximately 17-percent of the nation’s pipeline mileage. The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) regulates the gas distribution companies that own these Texas pipelines.

Information released by the Dallas News, however, highlights the dark and scandalous past of one of the largest gas distribution companies to operate within Texas. They also operate in seven other states. According to the reports, since 2006, there have been at least 22 injuries and 9 fatalities caused by pipeline explosions from natural gas leaks in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Each pipeline was owned by the same gas distribution company.

In addition, since 2006, this company has received nearly 2,100 citations from the RRC alleging pipeline safety violations. That is a massive amount of citations. In contrast, another major gas distributor based in Houston has only received 406 violations in the same amount of time. This company had nearly $400 million in net income for 2017, so why does it have one of the oldest pipeline infrastructures in the nation? According to the investigation, over 33-percent of the company’s pipelines could be over 50 years old and are made from cast iron or bare steel, two materials known to cause pipeline accidents.

Even though the company in focus denies responsibility for most of these explosions, records acquired by the Dallas News show the company has paid citations from the RRC and has settled lawsuits with families affected in the explosions. In the meantime, the public wants answers as to why the RRC is not taking further action by at least raising this company’s citation fees.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

If you or someone you love has been injured or has suffered damages in a pipeline explosion, contact an experienced, personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Big gas companies will continue to look out for themselves. You need someone who will look out for you. A personal injury attorney can help you identify the cause of the explosion, determine the responsible party or parties, gather factual evidence and fight for your right to compensation.

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