Will a Houston Car Accident Lawyer Get Me a Higher Settlement?

If you were injured in a car accident, you’re probably looking at your options for getting compensation for your case. After all, you’re probably facing car damages, injuries, medical expenses, and maybe even lost wages. Many people hire a Houston car accident lawyer to help with their claim. One thing a lot of people ask is whether a lawyer can help them get a higher settlement. Every case is different, but there are many ways that a lawyer can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. 

What Does a Houston Car Accident Lawyer Do?

A Houston car accident lawyer does many things for your case. They can be a valuable legal and strategic resource when you’re trying to get an at-fault driver’s insurance to pay up for your injuries and damages. Hiring a lawyer shortly after your accident means they can dig in and start assisting with your case as soon as possible. Here are just some of the ways an attorney can help with your car accident case:

Your Houston Car Accident Lawyer Helps Find Evidence For Your Case

When you file an insurance claim after a car accident, it’s on you to provide evidence of the car accident and the other driver’s negligence. Without sufficient evidence, the insurance company may refuse to pay out your claim. They may dispute that their driver was truly responsible for the accident, regardless of the circumstances. 

Therefore, it’s important to make sure you have plenty of evidence for your car accident case. Your injury lawyer can work with you to find that evidence and submit it to the insurance company. This can mean looking through your accident photos and sending them a file of the most pertinent ones. In some cases, it may even mean hiring specialists like accident reconstructionists to provide proof of the other driver’s negligence.

Your Injury Lawyer Calculates the Value of Your Case

Another reason to hire a Houston car accident lawyer is to understand the true value of your case. Many people who decide to self-represent their case take a low settlement because they don’t know exactly what compensation they’re entitled to. 

Instead, your lawyer uses their years of experience to calculate a fair value for your case. This involves looking at all of your accident related expenses, like medical bills, time taken off of work, and repairs for your vehicle and other damaged property. They will also take into account any non-economic damages like pain and suffering from your injuries. 

After completing the calculations, many people are shocked at how much their case is really worth. This is an important step, because it helps you have an estimate to negotiate with. 

Your Houston Car Accident Lawyer Helps You Negotiate Your Case

Another way your Houston car accident lawyer helps you with your car crash case is negotiating on your behalf. Remember, insurance adjusters are negotiating with people every day, so they’re typically pretty good at influencing people to take the lowest settlement possible. However, your lawyer also likely has serious negotiating skills to help get you the most compensation possible for your case.

Your Attorney Helps Protect You From Common Insurance Adjuster Tricks & Tactics

Often, insurance adjusters aren’t just good negotiators. Sometimes, you may run into an adjuster who has a lot of tricks up their sleeves to try to avoid paying your claim or to reduce the amount you’ll take for your claim. For instance, they may try to convince you that the accident was your fault, or they may argue that you’re exaggerating your injuries. 

They may even try to use small things against you. For instance, if you miss a doctor’s appointment, they may use this to say that you’re not as injured as you say. Or, if you post on social media about the accident and say you’re “okay,” they may try to use this to argue that you’re not really hurt.

These shady tactics are, unfortunately, incredibly common in the insurance world. However, an experienced injury lawyer has experience dealing with these tricks and can help you avoid them with your case.

Is it Worth it to Hire a Houston Car Accident Lawyer for My Case?

You might be wondering if it’s really worth it to hire a lawyer for your car accident case. This is a fair question. Here are some reasons you might want to consider hiring an attorney to handle your car accident claim:

Working with an Injury Lawyer Can Reduce Stress While You Recover

Dealing with a car crash claim can be incredibly stressful. Do you really need that as you heal and recover from your accident? You’ll likely already be dealing with treating and recuperating from your injuries. You might be losing out on money because of time you need off from work. Also, medical bills may be rolling in as you wait for your settlement. 

The extra stress of having to submit paperwork and talk to insurance adjusters can be a serious downside to seeking compensation for your damages and injuries after a car crash. Instead, your Houston car accident attorney can handle a lot of this for you to reduce the stress and tasks on your shoulders.

Surveys Show People Who Work with an Attorney Often Receive Higher Settlement Amounts

Additionally, many surveys suggest that hiring a lawyer can help you get a higher settlement. Of course, every case is different, and there’s no guarantee. However, results from surveys show that, compared to people who are self-represented during a car accident claim, people who hired a lawyer for their personal injury case were more likely to receive a settlement and receive a higher settlement. In a survey from Nolo, 74% of people who hired a lawyer received a settlement compared to 54% of self-represented accident victims. In addition, the average payout for people with a lawyer was $44,600 compared to just $13,900 for people without a lawyer. 

Won’t a Houston Car Accident Lawyer Cost  Me Money from My Settlement?

One common concern for people after a car accident is that a lawyer will cost them money that they may not recover from the at-fault driver. The good news is that many car accident lawyers work on a contingency basis, so you don’t need to worry about having a retainer fee or paying them hourly for their services. 

Contingency Fees Mean the Lawyer Doesn’t Get Paid Unless You Do

Contingency fees also mean that if you don’t receive any money from the at-fault party, then you don’t owe your lawyer anything. Their fees are based on the contingency that you receive money from your case. So, you don’t need to worry about how to pay your Houston car accident lawyer if you don’t win your case as long as you choose a team that works on a contingency fee.

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