Picture of microchip made in China

Chinese Companies Use Legal Firewalls to Avoid U.S. Lawsuits

How Chinese-Based Companies Fend Off Lawsuits from American Plaintiffs A report from the U.S. – China Economic Security Commission says that Chinese companies are shielding ...
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Picture of oil storage tanks

How the Oil Industry Ignored the Threat of Hydrocarbon Chemicals

A string of at least ten oil field worker deaths may be linked to dangerous hydrocarbon exposure, not natural causes. One of these workers, Trent ...
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Picture of airbag warning sign

Nissan Plans to Expand U.S. Airbag Defect Recall

Nissan announced its plans to expand an airbag defect recall after a woman claimed she suffered injuries from shrapnel caused by a Takata Corp. airbag ...
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Person texting and driving

Study Finds Troubling Facts About Distracted Teen Drivers

A new study shows that six out of every ten moderate to severe car accidents involving teen drivers were linked to distracted driving. Whether talking ...
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Hyundai Recalls Over 200,000 Vehicles for Power Steering Defect

The New York Times reports that Hyundai recalled nearly 205,000 of its Elantra vehicles over a dangerous defect that causes cars’ power steering to stop ...
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Picture of stop sign

Texas Takes Action Against Upswing in Fatal Wrong-Way Accidents

Eight months ago, a drunk driver near Humble, Texas, drove the wrong way on an onramp and collided with another vehicle, killing nearly an entire ...
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