Picture of navigation screen in car

Most Devices Distract Drivers Up to 27 Seconds

Most people are aware that talking on a cell phone while driving is unsafe, but did you know that car infotainment systems can be just ...
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Picture of chemical plant worker

Pasadena Chemical Plant Explosion is Latest in String of Houston Accidents

A deadly explosion at a Pasadena chemical plant last week is just one of at least ten other tragedies that have occurred since the DuPont ...
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Texas Woman Killed in Head-On Collision With 18-Wheeler

A 43-year-old Mexia woman was tragically killed last Friday night in a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler driven by a state prison inmate. The accident ...
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Northeast Ohio House Explosion Kills Family of 4

An explosion at a home in northeast Ohio has led to the tragic loss of a family of four. The bodies of a couple and ...
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Picture of gas meters

Gas Main Leak Causes House Explosion in Oklahoma City

Last week, a house explosion in Oklahoma City injured three people and resulted in damage to at least 50 homes. Approximately two dozen people had ...
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Picture of court room

Home Depot Caught Selling Recalled Products

On Wednesday, November 18, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported that Home Depot is guilty of selling more than 24 types of ...
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Picture of an oil rig truck

How Oilfield Truck Accidents Are a Bigger Problem Than You Think

Automobile accidents are a leading cause of injury and death in the United States. Additionally, auto accidents are one of the top causes of oilfield ...
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Picture of woman driving with bluetooth

Hands Free Isn’t Distraction Free, Studies Show

Distracted driving is dangerous – every driver knows this – but many don’t seem to think it’s that risky, especially when it comes to using ...
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Picture of woman in wheelchair with leg cast

KIA Recalls About 377,000 Vehicles Due to Mechanical Errors that Have Injured 3 People

Recently, Kia recalled over 377,000 of their Sorento SUV models because the vehicles’ transmissions can be shifted out of the “park” setting and into “drive” ...
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